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what awards in the industry do you think have a fair and uncorrupted jury and actually hold some value when received?




Nothing is ever entirely fair and uncorrupted. Even at the Oscars, you have to campaign to get your film/performance noticed. 

But in India, I think the National Award is the most prestigious acting award.

Agreed. It is the least rigged you might say. There’s of course a great lobby and campaigning for Oscars but it’s not as righted as say the Filmare Awards for example.
Any award show that nominates Deepika’s average performance in an average role in Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani is suspicious. Especially in a year with so many great female performances. Their only mistake? They weren’t filed with a star cast that frequents and sells the pages of Filmfare magazine nor were they produced by big budget producers like Dharma.
That’s why I stopped judging Aamir for ditching these award shows. I thought he was snooty for not appreciating some praise and commendation but in fact he’s rightly refusing to encourage these meaningless awards that are completely rigged and generally given to the same people over and over again for the same mediocre performances.

filmfare award is give on not only the performance but also the impact it had, acting is not the only thing other factors such as, movie’s box office numbers, the role, critics + audience appreciation etc. are also considered.

I completely agree. Awards should not only be for critical acclaim but also the impact and how much love it received in the theatres from the audience. That is a HUGE part of the movies, why we love them.

The problem Filmfare, Stardust, IIFA awards all stumble into is that ALL the awards become like that. You can have a critics choice to acknowledge the audience appreciation of a movie or characters but in the end awards should be mostly given to those who demonstrate the most talent and hardwork. Acting and movie making is also an art and when people who pour their hearts into making original film and successful film fail against others, its disappointing. I of course usually love all the choices nominated but the winners get a little repettive at times.

Oscars are subjective too but you have to be careful. A character or movie can be portrayed with great talent and ALSO connect to the audience. The two are not exclusive and that’s my problem with most Indian awards, they always focus only on star power and that is why only actors with connections and family ruling continue succeeding over smaller more talented actors/directors who HAVE connected to the audiences (ie. the difficulty Rani faced to establish herself as a good actress vs. Vidya Balan, both are very talented but until the Dirty Picture, Vidya never got any recognition due to lack of connections). 

But I agree to your point. So in that terms I think overall the Star Plus awards were pretty fair and had a balance of paying attention to talent AND box office success. Meanwhile the National Award is a much more serious and only talent based award. Both good for different reasons.


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